Sunday, April 19, 2009

Better than yesterday...

So far, today is much better than yesterday.  I'm pretty thankful to be able to say that, because for far too many people in the world, each day can bring a new kind of hell and misery.  Today (and most days actually), I am not in that category. Today the sun is shining, the kids are no longer sick and miserable, and the husband did some dishes.  Overall, life is pretty good today.

Now yesterday, well that was a different story.  Not to worry, nothing awful happened, and no injuries were sustained. But I was in such a funk yesterday and just kept wondering, "when is it going to get easier?" and, "when will my family run like a well-oiled machine?"  I know, I know...the answers to those questions are forever going to be "NEVER!" And that is OK, most of the time.  But yesterday, I just needed things to go a little smoother.  Yesterday I needed less whining, less crying, less arguing over housework, less disagreement over how to parent our kids, less laundry, and less of the same-old, same-old.  Yesterday what I needed was someone to say "what can I/we do for you?"  Yesterday I needed to hear the words, "You matter."  That's all; not too much to ask for, right?

It's funny how the universe works.  Some days we receive big-ol', in-your-face signs from the universe that are so relevant to our present situations, we are left with no choice but to accept that things have a way of working out, with or without our involvement or control.  Other days, the messages are subtle, so subtle that you just might miss them if you are moving too fast or listening too intently to the background noise of your world.  Some days the universe practically whispers to you (often through the voices of our kids) that today everything will be ok, and the world will make sense, if only for today.

I get a little smile on my face every time one of my kids does something that is good and kind.  I am a person who believes that we are all born inherently good and kind.  But goodness and kindness are also qualities that need to be crafted and carved into your soul.  You need to practice it on a daily basis, and if you have kids you need to teach them how to practice it as well.  So when one of my kids is good and kind, I smile because I know that my work is paying off.  What I am trying to drill into their heads each and every day is working; they are learning that to be good and kind is to be human.  It's something we all share, and something we must continue to share with each other.

My oldest boy, Noah, (who was up at 5:55 am this morning--WTH?) was playing with his toys today and stopped in the middle of  an enjoyable sequence of train-bashing, looked around and laid eyes on his baby brother, Charlie, sitting in the next room playing with his own toys.  Noah got down to Charlie's level, and asked him most sincerely, if he would like to come and play with him.  Mind you, Charlie is much younger than Noah, and isn't capable of "playing" the same way as Noah.  Charlie's form of play usually involves throwing and scattering toys all over the room and then screeching for someone to pick them up for him.  This kind of play drives Noah insane!  But today, Noah looked past what was inevitably going to happen, saw that his baby brother was playing all alone, and decided that the good and kind thing to do was to invite his brother to play with him.  How sweet!  And for a few moments they really had fun together. Until Charlie got hold of the trains and threw them across the room.  Moment over. 

But the message of the moment was not lost on me, even before my morning coffee.  The work I do, raising my kids and trying to teach them about goodness and kindness, matters!  They are learning.  They are born sweet and good and kind and innocent.  But it is easy to lose that in the monotony of our lives and in the stress of the world around us.  Given all that, and given the silliness of these two brothers of most days, they are individually and uniquely remembering to be kind to each other.  And hopefully, as they grow in the world, they will continue to be kind to others.  

I'm a happy camper today.  Something I have done matters, and while I may not be hearing the singing praises of my actions from those around me, I was still enough and quiet enough to get the message.  Thanks universe!  

Yep, today is definitely better than yesterday.  Looking forward to tomorrow!

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